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For more than a decade, Animar Interactive has been providing small to mid-sized business with creative, technical, and promotional expertise. We've helped clients launch new online services, develop their marketing strategies, and support their programming needs.

If your original development or support team has left you in the lurch, we can also assist with an array of services to fill in the gap - including webmaster/hosting management, website overhauls and regular maintenance.

And when it comes to content marketing, we'll make sure to understand where your business is today and where you want to take it. But be prepared to answer key questions like: How would you describe your ideal customer? What is the essential value proposition of your product or service? What role does your website play within your overall business? What are you doing now to market your offerings and how would you like to improve upon that?

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Darrell Ludlow - Animar InteractiveDarrell Ludlow - content strategist

Darrell launched Animar Interactive in 1999 after serving as Director of Professional Services & Training for the School of Communication Arts. A former stockbroker out of college, Darrell also worked as Lead Multimedia Developer for CyberGrafx, an interactive training company. He has served as a guest expert commentator and roundtable panelist for various local media outlets and trade organizations and was the creator and publisher of Carolina Newswire, a press release distribution service.

Born in New York and and raised in Kentucky, he has lived in North Carolina for the past three decades. His inspiration for computer-related work started with his father, who was a senior-level programmer with multiple patents for IBM over a 30 year career. He developed programs such as SuperZap and SuperC.

Darrell is a big NASCAR fan and loves horse racing, true to his Bluegrass roots. When not camped out in front of his computer, he practices Gendai Goshin Jitsu, self-defense martial arts and won buddhism meditation in addition to playing with model trains (Marx 0 scale) with his nephews.

This past year he has gotten back into golf and goes to the driving range several times a week. "Triangle Golf Complex on Leesville Rd. is my happy place!" As I humbly try to work on my drive, fix my slice and sharpen my short game, I love to enjoy the sunshine and get in a great workout.


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